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Traci Beam


When I moved to Virginia I was such a new consultant and I knew no one. I had one person on my team... Jess and I against the world! lol For those of you considering joining Scentsy or Velata, I say GO FOR IT!!! I like to think I am just like anyone else. I am every excuse you can think of... * Afraid of public speaking (yes even home parties lol) - eventually you might surprise yourself and push yourself to grow, I did and I found pride that I've never experienced before! It was hard for me, but I did it! :)  * We are moving and I won't know anyone! Oh I love this one... Because of joining Scentsy, moving here was the easiest, best transition I have ever had. Wanting to be successful with Scentsy it made me put myself out there into social situations that I know i would have avoided otherwise. :) Looking for customers led me to making friends! :) One of the best perks yet!  * There seem to be a lot of consultants in this area, or the Dirty "S" word, it saturated... NOT TRUE, NOT TRUE! Please ignore this one!!! This one I never listened to, I guess I have the ability to see a neighborhood for all of its potential,  LOL We have a TON of room for Customers and Consultants!!! This base for example has over 10 thousand people... I can't handle that by myself and neither can 100 consultants. :)  I still find people every week that have either never heard of Scentsy or have just not tried it yet. Talking and sharing everyday is sometimes the hardest part... once they see, smell or taste our products, they sell themselves. :)   I am proof that Scentsy can move with you and THRIVE! I joined in California and just 2 months later we moved everything to Virginia (life of a military family lol). My team has grown from 1 in Aug. of 2011 to 82 Women and Men STRONG in May of 2013!!! :) I am so grateful to have earned all expenses paid trips to Punta Cana, Costa Rica for 2, Bahamas for 2, Indy and Cancun! This company has built my self esteam by allowing me to work hard and be rewarded with awards... who doesn't like feeling appreciated?!!! My favorite part is the love for this extended family I didn't know I needed.  :) I've made some of the strongest bonds with not just my team but customers and other consultants from teams all over! I treasure these friendships so much. :)  Thank you Scentsy for coming into my life and allowing me to grow into the person I've always wanted to be. I am Scentsy Strong! XOXO Please follow me on Facebook at I look forward to getting to know you and helping you create the best fragrance experience or make memories and feed your soul with Velata!! :)  ~ If you would like personal help ordering or you are considering choosing to start your own Scentsy or Velata business and you have questions, please don't hesitate to call me or text me with them. Heck make a list!!! :)  I think being informed is important and I welcome questions! :)  Contact me at 619-764-2597 :)  

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